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White jeans - style challenge

white rolled up jeans and bow blouse

casual outfit white monochrome

Today I am taking part in a white jeans style challenge courtesy of Toronto Shopaholic.  See other great looks here

Top:  J.Crew {3+ years old - I remember being so disappointed when I first received this top in the mail.  I didn’t like the thin material (I purchased it thinking it was silk, not a t-shirt material with a silk bow).  I didn’t end up sending it back b/c it wasn’t worth the return shipping, so I held onto it.  Fast forward 3 years and it’s in heavy rotation - see it most recently here}
Pants:  London Jean {purchased from Victoria’s Secret, also old}
Sunglasses:  drugstore find
Bracelets:  Jacob white bangles, Amrita Singh gold bangles, Club Monaco wrap bracelet
Purse:  Pour la Victoire ‘Haven’
Shoes:  Jean Michel Cazabat ‘Ozara’


Part of me really wanted to re-take these photos, but with limited time left in the day (yesterday), I didn’t have an opportunity take a second round.  For better or for worse, a large part of fashion blogging is actually photo composition. While I am by no means a photo pro, I know that had I taken these shots in my normal location (there were people around…grrrrr), or had I actually ventured out in public to shoot this outfit near something architectural, the clothes would have translated much much better.  Instead, I snapped a few sub-par photos next to my garage.  Classy.

Blazer:  J.Crew 1035 blazer
T-shirt:  Joe Fresh {old}
Pants:  London Jeans {from Victoria’s Secret}
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Necklaces:  homemade {DIY instructions}
Purse:  Pour La Victoire ‘Haven’  (very similar, also from PLV)
Shoes:  Jean-Michel Cazabat ‘Ozara’

What do you think of the larger pictures?  Let me know!

Polka Dots and Sunshine

So in addition to still having a terrible photo location, I cut off my shoes in all of the shots today…  I just can’t seem to win…

Blazer: J.Crew
Blouse: Winners (I love the random dot print (ie. not an evenly spaced pattern), but this top is incredibly voluminous - I don’t think I would wear it without a blazer or a sweater to rein it in)
Pants: Victoria’s Secret
Shoes (that are never fully visible): Roberto Vianni
Bag: Steve Madden (loving the brown and grey colours for fall)
Glasses: Armani Exchange

Monday, Stress, and (casual?) Workwear

I have been a big bundle of stress recently.  Today was no exception.  I can’t pinpoint any one thing that is bothering me, rather I believe it is the amalgamation of buying and setting up a new house, trying to wrap up my current work load, making household arrangements for my upcoming absence, all while trying to be the perfect wife, daughter, granddaughter and friend. 

Jacket: Ricki’s
Silk Tank: Walter
Pants: London Jean (Victoria’s Secret)
Scarves: Tristan
Bag: Winner’s
Shoes: Feet First

My hair bothered me to no end today.  Eventually I took out my standard bun and threw it up into a messy ends-tucked-in ponytail.  It has looked better…

Purely by coincidence did I capture the rainbow in my pics tonight.  For a short moment, I actually forget about today’s stresses (a VERY short moment).

A Casual, Grateful Saturday

This morning my Kevin and I went to Canadian Tire to pick up some parts for my car.  Kevin, in about 30 seconds, threw on shorts and a t-shirt and was ready to go.  I took a little longer.  Apparently, some people think a trip to Canadian Tire doesn’t warrant make-up.  I disagree.

T-shirt: Gap
Jeans: London Jean (Victoria’s Secret)
Shoes: Cole Haan ‘Air Delfina’
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange
Purse: Vintage (was my grandmother’s)
Ring: Amrita Singh

As for being grateful, today Kevin fixed the struts on my car.  It wasn’t a small job, but it made all the difference in the world driving-wise.  No more terrible noises when I hit bumps.