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Summer Casual

Dress:  Banana Republic {last summer}  (similar)
Scarf:  Winners  (similar)
Hat:  Pamoa {Hautelook}  (similar)
Necklace:  Amrita Singh {purchased via eaither Beyond the Rack or Hautelook…I forget}  (similar)
Bracelet:  Amrita Singh {actually my braided necklace wrapped multiple times around my wrist}  (similar)
Bag:  Pour la Victoire ‘Haven’ {bought through MYHABIT}  (similar)
Shoes:  French Connection {old}  (similar)

Girl’s night out

I need a new shutter release ASAP.  I tired to get some closeups of my hair, but the shitty focus ruined that plan (I am still focusing on an object, starting the autotimer, and then running into the picture area and removing the object before the camera goes off).  Essentially I braided one side of my head in a loose braid all the way over to the location of the side-bun.  Judging from these pictures, a little more hairspray wouldn’t have hurt.

Yesterday some bamboo towels popped up on Beyond the Rack.  I am considering buying them because our current towels have developed the musty mildew smell that I absolutely HATE!  But, before dropping money on a new set of towels, I tried washing our current towels in vinegar and then with regular laundry detergent (I use a borax-based “natural” detergent).  While this didn’t totally fix the problem, I think it may have made a little improvement.  I read online that soaking the towels in vinegar for up to a day is a good idea.  I am probably trying this tonight, along with any other web-based ideas that I stumble upon.  Keeping my finger crossed!

Jacket:  Banana Republic
Silk t-shirt:  Banana Republic
Pants:  Gap (the colour is a little off in these pics - they are actually a burgundy colour, seen here)
Clutch:  Vieta (found on Beyond the Rack)
Earrings:  Nine West
Cuff:  Lulu’s
Heels:  Sam Edelman “Portney”  Pumps