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Laura Wears is a fashion and lifestyle blog from Ottawa, Canada

A quick bio
Name:  Laura
Location:  Ottawa, Canada
Job:  Keeps me quite busy!
Fur-kids (Dogs):  Scooter (a lab/collie mix) and George (a beagle/collie mix)
Future goals:  more free time…and maybe some kids!

Want to know more?
5 Things Post

I often provide links to items or webpages that I think my readers will enjoy.  Some of these links will be affiliate links - if you choose to purchase an item I link too, I may get a small amount of money in return.  However, all the product recommendations, discussions, etc on my blog are purely of my own opinion. 
Affiliate links can be found both here and on twitter and Google+

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at laurawearsblog(at)